Silicagel green leaves

Silicagel green leaves GS-VNDRY

Moisturizing silica gel green

Color: Green
Size: round grain with diameter from 2mm to 5mm
Application: Moisture absorption silica gel green in aroma applications in the rooms, hotels, offices, in accordance with the feng shui network.

Application of silica gel green leaves in life

In everyday life, colors like red, pink, green, turquoise, etc. are common and often enjoyed by many people. Silica gel silicone gel is also created in a variety of colors to match the preferences of the user, leaving the silica gel pink, green and turquoise gel we have a pleasant aroma to swell. Decorate your favorite places.
Green in the Wood - Water - Marine - Fire - Tho is considered to represent the destiny of Wood, the use of desiccant particles with both decorative and feng shui are all that we care. Fragrance Green Silica Gel is a desiccant, with its round grain characteristics and smooth surface and pleasant aroma. It can also be used as decorative, these desiccants are placed in glassware or crystal ware is also a decorative part of your space.
With the characteristic blue color of the beads, it is very suitable for those who are interested in feng shui, those who are interested in feng shui, the desiccant particles with color characteristics of Fragrance desiccant is a reasonable choice.

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