Moisturizing Orange Silicagel

Moisturizing Orange Silicagel OS-VNDRY

Moisture absorption Silica gel gold

Color: Yellow
Size: 2mm to 5mm
Application: in the box or cup to close the need to be hygroscopic, packaged to prevent moisture for the product
Reuse: reusable for the next time

Orange Silica Gel is used in product preservation

Orange Silica Gel is yellow, round grain, 2mm to 5mm in diameter, packed in various dehumidifiers to suit the purpose and suit different types of products. , the characteristics of the product and its moisture content. For products with high humidity, it is necessary to preserve the storage area, have long use time, the need for more moisture desiccant, so with the product you need to use moisture absorption package. It has bigger weight like 3gr or 5gr.
With Orange Gel Moisture Sealer you can recognize the moisture and state of the desiccant through the color of the grain, the new non-watery particles will have lemon yellow, the surface of the seed is smooth and non-sticky. . After a period of use, the grain will absorb water vapor and the air inside it, when the grain color gradually turns to dark yellow, to the particle filled with water, the grain color is darker, the surface The seeds are water-soluble, and even the water vapor spills out onto the wrapping paper of the dehumidifier. When the moisture absorption of the grain is not much effective anymore, it is time to replace another package or to absorb moisture dehumidification of the desiccant.

The difference between Orange Silica gel and silica gel particles

Silica gel is usually transparent and Orange Silica gel is lemon yellow, the function and steam absorption of the two particles are the same, however, to distinguish it from the color of the product. preserved moisture, then the silica gel is made of different colors to distinguish it from the color of the product. In cases where the silica gel dehumidifier package is broken, the hygroscopic particle is discharged and mixed with the product, the color of the product and the color of the desiccant particles will be different to prevent the desiccant particles from entering the product. , leading to the possibility of using the same dehumidifier with the product.

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