Fine Pore Silicagel

Fine Pore Silicagel FPS-VNDRY

Fine Pore Silica gel with good moisture

Size: 2mm - 5mm
Color: white in
Uses: Placed directly or close to dehumidifiers, often packed into small dehumidifiers for convenient use
Silica Gel is a common type of candy that is commonly found in confectionery packets or it is placed in a pockets or pockets when purchased at a supermarket. They are hygroscopic to preserve the product.
Silica gel is made in the industry, which is made up of inorganic substances which are not harmful to human health but are not edible. We often see when peeled in candy packs, there is a small package on the label that says "can not eat" or written in English as "not to eat".
Therefore, when we adults buy candy or other objects of quality standards, we need to check whether there is a small package in it or not, if so, let's leave it. go before giving to young children. While the hygroscopic package is harmless, only warning is non-edible, but because its properties are highly hygroscopic, eating a baby can be dangerous as it will absorb water. oral cavity, intestinal cavity ... etc of the child, causing children to lack water and need to take timely measures.
In addition to the opaque white, the silica gel can also exist in a number of other colors such as green, sea water, lemon yellow. Because they have more color ingredients to avoid confusion with the products of the manufacturer, to have such a good quality you can contact us directly for advice on the hotline.

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