Blue Silicagel

Blue Silicagel BS-VNDRY

Blue Silica gel removes moisture

Dimensions: 2mm to 5mm
Products: granular, packed with many weight: 1gr, 2gr, 3gr, 4gr, 5gr ...
Applications: food preservation, medical preservation, dampproof protection for electronics, etc.

Application of Blue Silica Gel Desiccant

Particularly desiccant and blue silica gel particulate in particular are used in practice to preserve the product, Blue silica gel desiccant with blue color, with the color of seeds will help people It is easy to recognize the condition of the grain and it is possible to know the amount of water stored in the grain so that the current state of the desiccant package can be recognized so that it can be added or reactivated for reuse. desiccant.

1. Identify the condition of the desiccant through the color

On the other hand, based on the color of the desiccant, the user will be able to guess what the quality of the product is, if the color of the desiccant degrades to a dark green color. Lead inside the bead, showing that the product has a long time or is not actually packaged ensures that the moisture in the air is absorbed by the desiccant particles inside it.
In case the desiccant has absorbed the water vapor, the sea blue becomes darker, even the water vapor may stick to the paper of the desiccant package. Take measures to reuse them.

2. Reuse desiccant particles

To reuse the desiccant you can apply one of the following measures:
+ Dry the seeds to desiccate the sun until the color of the dehumidifier is darker and return to blue color evenly.
+ For the desiccant package in the microwave oven to normal mode in about 10 minutes, moisture inside the dehumidifier will pick up and return the desiccant to the initial condition.
+ For desiccant to dry on the fire, coal stove or gas stove to heat up the moisture in the desiccant.
So you've got the usual desiccant package.

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