Active mineral particles

Active mineral particles AM-VNDRY

Dehumidifiers Active mineral glass industrial

Size: small particle size
Color: Brown
Weight: depending on the size of glass plate to handle

Use: directly or near the glass to absorb moisture.

Glass is used in a lot of life in the day, in industry, the business has just been made to protect has been done to insulate, sound insulation, etc.
Active mineral is extracted from environmentally-friendly clay (clay), which is not harmful to human health and is used in many industries.
If the air is very vapor, the glass will be blurred because of the water vapor deposited on the glass surface, so in everyday life as well as in the industry, the glass needs to be treated to be free from blur. This article introduces measures to prevent blurred glass by using industrial glass hygroscopic particles, one of the desiccant particles that we are currently offering in the market.

Application of industrial glass hygroscopic bead in everyday life

So how to use industrial glass hygroscopic beads properly and effectively we read the following cases:

1. Glass one layer

For glass screens or panels, at the edges of the glass we design so that there are additional grooves or slits so that the particles can be dropped close to the glass so that it is hygroscopic. Give air near that area.

2. Double layer glass

In the case of industrial glass with two or more layers, in addition to industrial use as in case 1, we can create additional slots between the glass slides, at which they disperse the desiccant particles to They draw water vapor in the middle of the two layers of glass.

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