Calcium Oxide

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Calcium Oxide

Color: White
Formula: CaO + H2O = Ca (OH) 2
Application: Storage of food, clothing, leather shoes, electronic equipment.

Calcium Oxide used in life

Vietnamese Calcium Oxide is also known as a desiccant. Calcium oxide is the result obtained from the laboratory by the chemical reaction of calcium oxide, which is inorganic so it is not harmful to the inertia. of human. Therefore, Calcium Oxide is used in food preservation.
With products that are not soaked on the outside, we can direct these desiccants to the product, with food products that are better to eat, we should choose moisture-resistant seeds. Calium oxide is packaged, and the packaging can be made of cotton or plastic that will not make the beans come into direct contact with food.
The most hygroscopic seed produced in Shanghai and Qingdao (China). Vietnam also imports 25 kg of moisture-proof granules and is packaged in different sizes, in various printing languages, preserving goods such as medicines, electronics, food clothing, footwear, mechanical parts, machinery, furniture, rattan and bamboo, agricultural products and many other fields. Moisture-resistant particles are highly hygroscopic and economical compared to other types of desiccant. (Wikipedia)
In Vietnam, due to the high humidity, the climate often affects the production and storage of goods. Therefore, the use of moisture-inhibiting granules is essential for businesses.
In the desiccant pack contains a compound of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Each SiO2 particle can absorb a quantity of steam equal to 40% of its weight.
In many everyday products such as packaged foods, leather and electronics, we often see small packages labeled "Not eaten", which are hygroscopic packages. So what is the substance in this package and what is the effect?

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