Calcium chloride absorbs moisture

Calcium chloride absorbs moisture CCW-VNDRY

Calcium chloride moisture absorber not yet packaged

Weight: Depending on the number of items to be stored that use more or less desiccant
Use: place in a cup or can opener or pack into a desiccant package, to be close to the item to be stored

The general design of the desiccant

The desiccant is composed of numerous tiny capillaries on the surface of the particle, the high humidity air is filled with steam, the desiccant absorbs water vapor in the air into the hollow cavity by the line capillary and are retained in the pipeline.

1. Desiccant seeds are used in storage of clothes

With high humidity like Vietnam and four seasons, the clothes in your cabinet are susceptible to mold. The use of hygroscopic particles to protect clothing against damp mold is something that every family needs attention.
With the winter clothes are characterized by thicker than the other clothes, to fight the moldy we use the package of desiccant particles are small size as 1gr desiccant package or 3g desiccant package depending on each Different clothes, put the hygroscopic pack in the bag and then put it in the closet. So, with the rainy days, the days with high humidity, etc. We do not have to worry about clothes getting wet.
Alternatively, we use a separate desiccant, put it in a cup or box and put it in the closet, which will absorb moisture in the air of the closet, Water will cling to clothing, so your family's clothing will keep from moldy.

2. Seeds for desiccant application in food preservation

We usually see everyday in candy packets, cake packages, dry packets, etc. Usually used desiccant particles for preservation, before packaging is packaged into inside a candy packet a small dehumidifier package. To absorb the water inside the bag. Depending on the weight and nature of the food to be preserved, the desiccant package has a suitable weight. Dry and confectionery packages usually use only 1g to 3gr of desiccant.

3. Reuse desiccant particles

The desiccant can be re-used by: After the desiccant has filled up with steam and turned it wet, bring the desiccant to dry or leave it at a high temperature. The capillary holes of the desiccant will evaporate and return the tolerance for the capillaries to the ready for steam for the next time.

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