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Use of desiccant

  • What is the moisture barrier?
  • Some uses of the desiccant
Because the desiccant is an environmentally friendly product that does not harm the user.
Moisturizing lotion is one of the common preservatives, but when it comes to many people simply think that the desiccant is only capable of absorbing moisture in addition to them do not bring any benefit in life should not Interested in them.

What is the moisture barrier?

A moisture-retaining particle is a moisturizing substance that can cause or stabilize a dry state in its vicinity. Moisturizers are commonly found in packaged foods and are water-soluble solids. They are often found in foods to retain their brilliance. In industry, desiccant particles are widely used to control water levels in gas streams.
Classification: Desiccant particles are durable and inert substances, and some of the useful moisture-proofing agents with these properties have been identified and used extensively. The most common moisture-proofing agent is silica, a white solid, inert, non-toxic, insoluble in water. Tens of thousands of tons were produced each year for this purpose. Other dehumidifiers include activated carbon, calcium sulfate (drierite), calcium chloride, and molecular sieves (usually zeolite).

Some uses that desiccant particles can help with daily life

Dehumidifiers for tools in the repair tool box. Most of the metal repair tools, which are metal oxides, are highly susceptible to oxidation in high humidity environments. Therefore, removing the desiccant on the toolbox will help to prevent rust.
Help keep the machine dry in storage. Inside the air cargo depots are often high humidity, which makes the machine susceptible to moisture. This is the reason for the shortening of the machine life, so the use of a desiccant always keeps the machine dry.
The moisture-proof pads dry the device and the technology is damp. If you accidentally leave your cell phone or cell phone in the water, just put it in a storage box filled with moisture, after about 8 hours you can use it without worrying about water. in.
Desiccant increases the life of the razor blade unit. Prevents condensation from the camera. Prevents fish from getting wet. Drying travel bag ...
Here are just some of the basic uses of the desiccant we share for you, in addition, the desiccant also has many other uses to help your daily activities. Hope that our article will help to some part of your life is more favorable.

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