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The reason you should choose the desiccant

  • Highly desirable desiccant, effective moisture absorption for many products
  • Simple operation mechanism, easy to use
  • Is the best solution for preserving products
  • Price is reasonable for the user
That is why it is necessary to use desiccant particles. So today you go to find out with us why use humidifier.
You should use a dehumidifier during the wet season, because it helps to reduce humidity, dry the room and many other uses as we can use water after stagnation in everyday tasks.
In Vietnam most of the time in the year are drizzly, humid, humid, very humid air sometimes up to 80-90% so the desiccant is a lot of people choose to use.

High application, effective moisture absorption for many products

In everyday life we ​​often see desiccant particles in most packages, from food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, home appliances ... They have a desiccant effect, for the purpose of preserving good products. more, prolong the life of the product.
Due to its high application rate, it can be used widely in domestic and industrial applications, including the application of moisture-protecting granules such as footwear, clothing, medicine cabinets, jewelry, cameras, tubes. glass, paintings, in addition to moisture-protective grain is also used as a catalyst in the petrochemical, food, alcohol, medical. Normally we see grain-based moisture-proof granules packed in small bags such as filtered tea bags, which are removed from the box.

Simple operation mechanism, easy to use

Simple operation mechanism, easy to use, should be widely used in the life as well as in industry. Moisture absorbs the capillary phenomena in its tiny holes, the water vapor entering and lying in the cavities. The desiccant can absorb up to 40% of its weight by steam, when used for desiccation in ants that can reduce moisture to 40%.
It is easy to see that moisture-laden grains have been absorbed by water due to the color of the grain, as the water-absorbing particles can be exposed to sunlight, dried for reuse. When using silicagel, it is stored in small bags such as tea bags and stored with the product to be stored.

Is the best solution for preserving products

Because of its special use, the desiccant is considered to be the best preservative solution available today. Because moisture in the air has no impact on the quality and longevity of the product. If the products in the high humidity environment for a long time, food, agricultural products will be moldy, electronic equipment is easy to malfunction. If the use of hygroscopic techniques properly will not have any photos. The quality of the product instead of it will help to extend the life and quality of the product. Using desiccants to preserve the product is convenient because it can move, change the amount of stimulation to suit each specific product.

Price is reasonable for the user

Compared with the purchase of moisture-resistant cabinets with expensive prices that can not be fully effective, difficult to maintain large products, to move a lot, using moisture-proof grain is the smart choice. Because the price is very low for economic activities, it can be easily moved, broken, packed together with extremely convenient products.
Above is the article on the desiccant particles, through this article we want you to know the reasons why you need to use desiccant particles today. Hope our article will help you in life.

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