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One of the most practical solutions is to use a hygroscopic method to protect and increase the life of the product with moisture-proof granules. One of the safest and most convenient options available today. How are the moisture-protecting particles produced? Please read through the following article

Silicagel silicagel packing production

Silica gel (silica gel desiccant) desiccant particles are made from hydrated silicas that work quickly to minimize the moisture content of the product environment, thereby protecting and improving the shelf life of the product. Preserved.
Moisture absorption or silicone particles Silicagel is usually in the form of round particles, with diameters ranging from 2 to 5mm. At present, the desiccant is not only white and blue, but is dyed into different colors with a high aesthetic meaning to decorate your house. Through the fully automatic packaging process, the desiccant is packaged into many weight products and different sizes of the desiccant package such as 1gr, 2gr, 3gr ... to meet your solution. The best moisturizer for the product you want to preserve.

Production of activated charcoal particles

Activated charcoal moisture activated charcoal is activated charcoal material. Activated carbon has the main constituents of carbon atoms in the amorphous form or in the form of graphite crystals. Carbon (coke, coke) is used to make activated carbon. The charcoal is made by burning wood, coconut shells, coconut fiber and then watering the trunk or burning in an anaerobic environment. From these types of charcoal is activated at temperatures above 1000 degrees C. With this temperature will give activated carbon has a capillary structure, large honeycomb and increase the contact surface. To filter a variety of gases, odors, water, metals, poisons ...
Depending on the needs used, moisture-damaging particles are classified and packaged in different types: Desiccant Bag (used on cars, plastic bottles ... with many different weights in the form of powder or granules

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