Montmorillonite moisture absorption package

Montmorillonite moisture absorption package MBCR-VNDRY

Everyday, there are a lot of meaningful things to come out of, but you do not care about their existence and the top of the list is probably the hygienic package. In fact, many people have thrown away their hands without knowing that these tiny particles are "small but powerful"! Let's see what this kind of nuts are!

What are the anti-moisture particles?

When you buy something or some item, you will see a small package inside. So what's inside this mini-package?
In fact, what you see in this package is not toxic (although the outside is not eaten), they play a role of desiccating, drying around and preventing water from penetrating food. Their common ingredient is silica gel or silica gel. These substances have the ability to absorb water, each silica gel can absorb water up to 40% of its weight.

Uses of moisture-proof granules

People use a moisture barrier in the window insulation, protecting food such as coffee, nuts, cereals, etc. They are also placed in packages, boxes to avoid moisture from the product itself. Besides, products like clothes, purses, bags, ... also have moisture-proof package.
Unsuspicious effects of anti-moisture particles
Moisturizing handbags help to deodorize shoes
On the market offer quite a variety of moisture-proof bags, natural deodorant and ensure safety. You just put a moisture-proof bag inside the shoe, which will absorb moisture in your shoes, effectively removing the odor.

Protect old photos and books

Moisture is the main cause of the old characteristic odor of the book. So, to avoid this, limit the moisture by putting the book in a bag with some moisture.
Most of the photos will inevitably be faded and damaged due to chemical effects and one of the leading causes of this phenomenon is the humidity of the air. Similar to preserving books, you also put some moisture absorption packets in the photoshoot to keep the image long lasting.

Moisture for the wardrobe

Long-lasting garments build moisture and have a softer odor, so you can put a little hygienic bag in it to give off unpleasant odors. One way to preserve fresh air is simple and effective.
Moisten the phone to fall into the water
If the phone falls into the water, remove the battery, memory card, and put the phone in a bowl filled with moisture and leave overnight before turning on.
And there are many more surprising uses of moisture-proof seeds that you can refer to. Once you've mastered this information, do not despise them as you may very well need them.

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