Active mineral dehumidifier

Active mineral dehumidifier AMBCR-VNDRY

Active mineral CDR packaged in cotton

Color: Brown moisture absorber, made of thick cotton paper
Weight: 1gr, 2gr, 3gr, 4gr, 5gr, etc.

Applications: Preservation of products, food, medical equipment, electronic components.

The CDR desiccant pack is made from the Active mineral desiccant by automatic desiccant packing machine using thick cotton paper with small holes to absorb steam through it.
The CDR desiccant package is packed in various sizes and weights to match the product to be stored, on the packaging of the package printed with red warning and with the logo of VNDRY.
Active mineral is a natural grain, so it is not harmful to human health, so it is widely used in preserving products such as food, confectionery, foodstuff, etc.
The product of VNDRY is packed with various paper materials, on the package printed with VNDRY logo and warning in Vietnamese, English or the language of the country where the order is placed.
Our moisture-proof package is fully automatic, ensuring that the package is sealed and that the hygroscopic particles do not leak out, ensuring absolute safety in the application of food hygroscopic, food and drink.
The weight and size of the moisture-proof package are ordered according to your order, with many different types of nuts for you to choose to suit the product needs to preserve.
For more information, please call us at our hotline or email to our email address. VNDRY is very pleased to serve you.

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