Moisturizing Silicagel

The unexpected use of desiccant particles

Are you thinking that the desiccant has only one thing to do is to get in the closet, help them not get moldy, smelly rainy days?
  • Use a moisture-desiccant package for candy
  • Hygienic package to protect document cabinets
  • Desiccant protects your bookcase
  • Moisturizes the camera with silica gel
You are wondering whether you should buy moisture-proof granules for use. Simply put, you think the moisture barrier only works to desiccate the closet. But now it's summer, the weather is dry, what's up with this? If you have that thought, then you should leave immediately because the effect of the desiccant more than what you think.
If your old photos are faded or damaged, then post them with some moisture-proof packets. This will cause the chemical effects to take place more slowly, and from there you can keep the image durable for a long time.
Not only protects the photo, but moisture resistant also help save the phone is drowned. Sure, everyone has a few inadvertent phone calls to "swim," so if you put the phone in a small bag with some moisture absorption package was timely help. Moisture absorbers will quickly absorb up to 40% moisture and save your phone.
When driving a car, you will not be uncomfortable when the glass is wet. Using a towel to clean the glass makes it more difficult to control. Or, you will start the car to heat it or wait until the water has evaporated, but it is really time consuming. So why not put the moisture absorption package near the windshield, the glass will immediately dry.
Now you know more about the use of desiccant particles. Visit to own your home moisturizing nuts!

Current types of desiccant

There are currently two types of desiccant. It is a white, desiccant-type desiccant. And according to the customer's share they used, they found the blue desiccant better. Due to the fact that blue particles have cobalt oxide on them, the silicagel particles change to pink if the outside of the humidity exceeds the allowed level. This is like warning you to replace another package because we have expired already.

Selecting a good and safe desiccant

The green desiccant has a color indicator so it will not be safe with the white desiccant. However, its effect is very positive. That's why many people like green bean, so its price will be better than white bean.
This does not mean that the white humidifier is not good. In terms of safety, the white humus is much better. But anyway, you should keep the hygroscopic bead in the proper position, away from the reach of children.

Where to buy the most desirable moisture?

Once you have learned about the desiccant, are you wondering where to buy the best quality?
Please open your eyelid, is the address to provide various types of hygroscopic beads, rich with good quality, the most affordable. Moreover, when you come here, you are also experienced staff dedicated consultants, guidance on how to select the desiccant to suit the purpose. Come to this place today!

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