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The composition of the silica gel

Silica gel is chemically defined as SiO2.nH2O (n <2), manufactured from sodium othosilicate (Na2SiO4) or silica tetra chloride (SiCl4). Silica gel, also known as silicic acid gel, is a common, life-long chemical that exists in granular and porous form, with numerous tiny bundles in the grain to hold water.
Silica Gel Silicone Gel is a silicon-based silica gel, developed from the American University of Johns Hopkins in the 1920s, is durable and non-toxic inorganic.

Application of silica gel

Silica Sealant has a high water absorption capacity and is used in many areas of life to prevent moisture, especially moisture, to preserve products such as camcorders, cameras, camera lenses, food preservation …. Silicone gel is also used in organic synthesis of petrochemicals, applications in water purification ...
In daily life we ​​can easily catch the silicone gel silica gel which is packed into a small dehumidifier package placed in a sterile vial of medicine; Silicage is also widely used in food preservation. We can see it in candy, dry and so on. In industrial and electronic technology, moisture-dampening particles play an important role in preventing electrical circuits from becoming damp, leading to electrically conductive and short-circuiting. Hygienic packages are placed with electronic components before packaging. and circulation in the market.

Packing moisture-proof seeds

Moisture absorbing silicone in general and silicagel in particular is usually in the form of granules, diameter from 2mm to 5mm, for convenient use is usually packed into small packages to facilitate storage of products. With our complete process and line, VNDRY comes from the creation of a desiccant to packaged into a fully automated product. The moisture-desiccant packing paper comes with our logo and brand name, and is packaged in automatic packaging machine, with many types and sizes and different weights of moisture absorption package like 1gr, 2gr. , 3gr ... we always meet you the best moisture solution for your property as well as house.

Silica gel silica gel and indicators

- Silica gel can absorb and store water up to 40% of the grain weight
- Air humidity of about 20% moisture damp Silica gel can absorb moisture to reduce air humidity to 12%.
- Moisture content of air is about 50%, the moisture absorbing silica gel can absorb moisture to 23%
- With high humidity of up to 80% in Vietnam, you only need to use silica gel for 12 hours, the air humidity is only 30%.
Silica gel silicone gel is the ideal product for moisture protection of your family's property.

Re-use silica gel

After using a time when the water-filled desiccant in the capillary tubes means that the moisture-resistant seed has no longer absorbed the water, you can bring the desiccant to the sun to take out all the water vapor it contains. Capillary tube of moisture-retarding particle for reuse or for desiccant to microwave oven rotate in normal mode for about 10 minutes to re-use.
To mention the moisture-proof package, we only think of such types as moisture pack Silica Gel, Clay desiccant ... but rarely mention the active type of moisture activated charcoal. Thanks to the ability to deodorize, especially the moisture absorption mold quickly, activated charcoal moisture activated charcoal is gradually replacing the moisture and dominate the dehumidification market by its natural operating mechanism.
What is the package of activated charcoal moisture? What is the use of these applications more specifically than other types of desiccant?

The composition of activated charcoal moisture

Activated charcoal moisture activated charcoal is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal - Bamboo Charcoal is a substance composed mainly of carbon elements in the amorphous form (powder), a part of crushed graphite crystals. Other than carbon, the rest is usually ash, which is mostly alkaline and sandy. Activated carbon has a large surface area should be applied as an ideal filter to absorb a variety of chemicals.
Special applications of activated carbon activated charcoal
In addition to the moisture-resistant products such as candy, leather handbags, leather shoes, etc. as other moisture-proof packages, the active charcoal package also brings many other practical benefits for humans. .
Bloating: According to a study in the Journal of Gastroenterology in the US, activated charcoal has an excellent effect on reducing bloating by combining and discharging stomach fillers.
Directions: Mix 500mg of activated charcoal with a glass of water and drink before eating. You should add plenty of water to the body when it is full stomach, indigestion.
Healing of insect bites: Activated charcoal is very effective in treating body odor, acne, and pain relief in insect bite, rash.
After being bitten by mosquitoes, injected bees or even bites of snakes and spiders, you only need to mix one

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