Silicagel Moisturizing Pack

Why do we usually use moisturizing packets?

Moisturizing lotion is one of the savior to protect your belongings and household appliances.
  • Moisturizing pack for the seeds
  • Share on how to use a safe, effective hygienic package
  • Moist bag to keep the bag dry
  • Secrets of preserving bookcases in libraries with desiccant particles

Moisturizes with moisture barrier

  1. The items need moisture
  2. How to resist moisture
  3. Properties of moisture-proof granules
Vietnam is a country with tropical monsoon climate so the humidity is very high, especially in the rainy season. When humidity exceeds 60%, it is a favorable environment for mold growth and growing rust. Mold grows rapidly when the temperature is between 18-30 degrees Celsius and humidity is 60% higher. Moisture should be maintained at 45% or lower to effectively protect the precision parts and components. This chart describes the relationship between the oxidation speed of iron (rust rate) and relative humidity.

The items need moisture

Why do we usually use moisture barriers? Storage media: floppy disks, video tapes, tapes, CDs, films.
Optical and camera equipment: cameras and camcorders, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, optical mirrors, spectrophotometers, optoelectronic devices.
Precision equipment: audiovisual equipment, precision machinery, instrumentation measuring instruments, scientific instruments, medical instruments, electronic instruments ...
Analytical study materials: test specimens, reference standards, reaction reagents, seeds, detectors, meters ...
Valuable collections: Pictures, antiques, rare books, works of art, photo albums, stamp collections, leather items, important documents ...
Household items: rare drugs, medicines, dried food, spices, seaweed, dried flowers ... On some items need protection when the air humidity is high.

So how do we prevent moisture?

The best, most common and simple answer to the dampness of the fruit that anyone can use is the moisture-proof seed. What are the principles of active dampness that are so noticeable?

Properties of moisture-proof granules

With the properties of the desiccant, it can absorb and retain moisture due to capillary action in the cavity, the water vapor is absorbed and attached to the void inside the particle. Each grain can absorb up to 40% of its weight.

Why we often use moisture-proof seeds

Moisturizing Silica Gel

When silica gel is filled with water, it can be reused simply by heating it at a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius for about three hours (depending on the temperature uniformity, contact surface, ... or put it in the microwave for Medium mode for about 10 minutes. If dried at low temperature or short time, silicagel will quickly fill up with water. Note that high drying temperatures or external forces may result in shredding of silicagel moisture and low re-silicagel counts.
The silicagel's moisture-absorbing ability depends on the relative humidity of the medium, but it can not be absorbed by the moisture in the air and follows the equilibrium principle. Relative humidity of the air: 20%, can be absorbed to about 12% moisture. Relative humidity of the air: 50%, can be absorbed to about 23% moisture. The relative humidity of the air: 90% can be absorbed to about 31% moisture.
Through the article on us with the desire to answer you know about some information such as: Why must resist moisture? What items should be kept to avoid moisture? Is there a way to fight moisture? ... Hope our article will help in many of your daily life.

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