Silicagel Moisturizing Pack

Use hygroscopic particles to prevent moisture in the living room

  • Use hygroscopic particles to keep moisture in the living room efficiently and meet high aesthetic requirements.
  • How to use a desiccant to protect moisture in the living room and meet the aesthetic requirements to preserve the equipment like?

Should use desiccant in the living room?

The living room is a place where families decorate and decorate their valuable objects such as your favorite paintings, sofa or lounge set that you use for guests, decorations with percussion instruments ceramics and porcelain Moisturizing the furniture is important, using hygroscopic particles to keep moisture in the living room items is a harmony with the decorations.

Moisture absorption moisture for the living room

We find the desiccant has been used in many products, food, electronics, electronic components, etc. The application of desiccant particles in the maintenance of household appliances as well as decorations for your living room in particular, for the preservation of equipment in your house in general how to have Effective and highly aesthetic. In this article we would like to introduce to you how to use desiccant particles in the storage of equipment for your living room.

How to select moisture desiccant to protect the living room?

Dehumidifiers are available in many categories and can be found on the following websites: http://goihutam.com of VNDRY Company such as: silicagel desiccant, active carbon desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant. But what kind of decoration and moisture to your living room? We would like to introduce to you 4 types of desiccant particles suitable for the application and decoration of your living room as follows:
- Seeds of silica gel green gel: seeds round, the particles are the same, the surface of the ball is green
- Pink silica gel moisture absorber: round grain, round particles, smooth glossy surface
Orange Seeds: Orange seeds: round seeds, yellow, the appearance of smooth seeds and shadows
- Blue-green silica gel: The seeds are blue, the grain is smooth and smooth
All these desiccants are medium in size: they are designed to be both hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, these desiccants have a pleasant aroma.

Moisture absorber for moisture proofing

Option 1: Pay attention and try to find the corners or slots of the decorations, where you can put the direct desiccant on it.
Option 2: In small flower pots in the living room you put the desiccant on it or strip a thin layer of desiccant on the surface of the flower pot.
Method 3: Inside the crystal ornaments, the glass you put in a few desiccant particles, it will both work to dehumidify the air in the room and increase the aesthetics of the object.
Option 4: Use plates or small glass or crystal screwdrivers, place a few desiccants on them and place the discs containing the desiccant into the appropriate position, you can put in the cabinet, in the compartment, or on other items.
Here we have introduced to you how to use moisture desiccant particles in the living room and some ways to place moisture-proof seeds. Hope you will have beautiful living room and always air is not humid and airy as well as extend the life of other equipment

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