Moisturizing Silicagel

Moisture applied in storage of goods

Desiccant bags are made from dehumidifiers, depending on the type of products to be preserved, which uses different types of desiccants such as: Silica Gel Desiccant, Active Carbon Desiccant, Desiccant Montmorillonite or Calcium chloride hygroscopic. The dehumidifier bag is used as a sack for placing it close to the product to be stored or bagged in cloth bags to hang along with the product storage space.

Use desiccant bags in industry.

Desiccant Bag For industrial parks, food processing plants, the moisture resistance to preserve the goods before packaging is important, with a wide range, the use of moisture packets are small size. Not suitable for both quality and moisture absorption.
Desiccant bag is a large size, the desiccant particles are packed in bags with large weight, can hang the dehumidifier near the product needs to be hygroscopic.
For temporary storage of new products that are not yet packaged for circulation, a hygroscopic bag should be used to avoid the moisture in the air adhering to the surface of the product, when the product surface Products with moisture sticky after packaging will be moldy and lead to broken or poor quality.
In the process of moving and circulating goods in large quantities also need to handle the wet matter of goods, in the cargo containers need to have hygroscopic bags to ensure air in the conter always dry month It has water vapor and will not moisten the mold to affect the goods during transportation.
In addition to preserving the product during storage and transport, each product also requires a package of hygroscopic packaging of the same package in order to retain moisture in the package during the entire transit time. , circulation of goods ... v. to the consumer.

Dehumidifiers keep the goods in transit

After being manufactured and marketed, they are transferred from the manufacturer to the distributor, during which time they must be stored to ensure the quality of the product. While shipping, people can pack or package products. In addition to using a moisture-resistant package inside each product, each box or package, depending on the size, is used. management of new product quantities. In the course of transportation one can use containers to transport goods, also in those containers there are also methods of preservation for goods during transport, They can be hung at each corner of the container or distributed evenly in the container to hang the hygroscopic bag to preserve the cargo during transport.
Therefore, moisture protection products are an indispensable part in the industry, the use of moisture absorbing package or dehumidifier also depends on each stage of production, circulation of goods ... v. Choose the right one.
We often encounter moisture in candy packages, electronic products, clothes ... in various forms such as powder, seeds (transparent particles, coal particles) ... with the words " Do not eat". So what if I eat? What is the moisture barrier and what does it have to do with health?

Structure of moisture-proof granules

There are many types of moisturizers, but here we will introduce you to the composition of a kind of moisture that we most commonly encounter in everyday life that is silica gel silica gel:
Silica Gel Silica Gel is chemical formula is SiO2, the composition is like glass bottles. Silica gel silica gel contains millions of tiny capillary tubes, which can absorb and retain moisture.
Silica gel is basically like a crystalline form of sand containing hollow-like cavities. This material is used mainly as a desiccant, desiccant, anti-rust agent, ...
The chemical composition of Silica Gel Sealant includes: SiO2 (99.6%), NaO2 (0.17%), Fe2O3 (0.07%), MgO (0.01%), CaO (0.04%), Al2O3 (0.16%).
Silica gel silica gel is not toxic, it is a product containing some desiccant, so they are almost harmless. That is why you often find it in food products. They have the role of desiccating, drying around the water barrier into food or utensils.

Moisturizing lotion for human health

The chemical composition of the moisture-proof grain shows that it does not affect the health of humans. However, this does not mean that it is completely harmless. Because if we unfortunately swallow, especially children, they will absorb all the moisture in the oral cavity of the gums, teeth and tongue, and deep penetration into the body can be harmful. to human life.
Symptoms that usually occur when swallowing damp proof seeds are: Dry eyes, feeling irritated, dry in the throat, pain or discomfort in the stomach.
Applications of moisture-proof granules
Moisturizing, in addition to preserving products such as candy, electronic components ... can also be reused with a lot of great applications in your life such as: Dry your love mobile when Water-based, longevity of the image, better shaving, drying of the glass, preventing mold and bacteria.
So you see, except that it is "not eaten" as recommended by the manufacturer, moisture-proof pack is extremely useful in our daily life. I think every family should have these moisturizing packages available for these situations and remember to keep out of reach of children!

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