Moisture resistant particle

Moisture-proof and fine-grained seeds of all factors causing mold

Moisture-proof grain is not a strange concept in modern life, but, what is the real use of anti-warming grain, not everyone knows.

Often, there are many meaningful items appear but you have no interest in their existence and the top of this list is probably the hygroscopic packages. In fact, many people have to throw their hands away without knowing that these tiny hygroscopic seeds "are small and have martial arts"! Take a look at the use of this kind of nuts!
Anyone can easily find moisture-proof beads in confectionery, food, ... Affordable when you need moisture-proof package, you will go to the store to ... buy candy? Of course there will be shops or online addresses that sell this product to you. But in fact, you will find that not all places provide safe, quality-assured, non-harmful packages for users' health when used. If your home has a small child, you must be more careful and careful in choosing.

What is in the moisture-proof grain?

When you buy food or some items, you will see a small package inside. So what is the composition of this mini particle pack?
In fact, what you see in this package is not toxic (although it is said to not be eaten on the outside), they have a role in hygroscopic, drying around and preventing water from entering the food. Their common ingredients are silica gel or silica gel. These substances are capable of absorbing water, each silica gel particle has the ability to absorb water up to 40% of its weight.
Humidifiers are used in insulated windows, protecting food such as coffee, nuts, cereals, etc. They are also placed in packs and boxes to avoid moisture from the product itself. Besides products such as clothes, purses, handbags, ... also have moisture-proof packages.

Unexpected effects of moisture-resistant particles

1. Moisture-proof bag helps deodorize shoes

The market provides quite a lot of moisture-proof bags, natural deodorant and safety. You just need to put a moisture-proof bag inside the shoe, which will dehumid your shoes, and effectively remove the odor.

2. Fly moldy for closet

A wardrobe for a long time will accumulate moisture and have a musty smell so you can put some dehumidifier in it to remove unpleasant odors. A way to preserve the fresh air is simple but effective.

3. Protect old photos and books

Wet is the main reason for the characteristic old mold smell. So, in order to avoid this phenomenon, limit the humidity by putting the book in a bag with a few desiccant packs.
Most photos will inevitably be discolored and damaged by chemical effects and one of the leading causes of this phenomenon is the humidity of the air. Similar to the preservation of books and newspapers, you also put some moisture-absorbing packages in the image to keep the image beautiful for a long time.

4, Absorb moisture for the phone to fall into the water

If the phone is accidentally dropped into the water, remove the battery, memory card immediately and put the phone in a bowl filled with hygroscopic particles and leave it overnight before turning it on.
And there are many other amazing uses of moisture-proof granules that you can refer to. Once you've got this information, don't look down on them as you might need it.
No one can deny that moisture-resistant seeds bring a lot of life benefits. Thanks to the tiny moisture-proof beads, you will no longer have to worry about the wardrobe being moldy, the shoes stinking, the old books / photos are broken or fearing the coming rainy days, ...
However, it seems that you only see the moisture-proof package appearing in the candy box but don't know where to buy it? This article will provide you with a reputable address for selling moisture-proof beads.

So where to buy moisture-proof package?

Do not worry too much when you have not found a reliable address because many people have also fallen into the same situation as you. B&F VIETNAM was born with the mission to provide consumers with the best moisture-proof packages, with a variety of designs, tailored to each person's needs.
Here, we offer moisture-proof packs of 1 gram, 2 grams, 3 grams, 5 grams, 10grams, 25 grams, 100 grams, 1 kg and separate moisture-proof nuts. Products will be packed by normal paper, cotton paper, red paper, silk paper, green paper, nylon, ... to ensure the best quality. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the most suitable package to use. All types of moisture-proof packages of B&F VIETNAM CO., LTD are carefully and rigorously tested to ensure the safest products.
If you want to buy products, you can buy them online or directly at the store. Customers who buy products online will pay by bank transfer at the company's account number.
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