Moisture pack

Use moisture-proof package to preserve goods

The use of moisture-proof packages to preserve products is a necessity, currently on the market there are many types of moisture-proof packages, various dehumidifiers used to preserve products - goods.

As we all know when products - goods are finished, shipping from factories to consumers is a huge decision process. In addition to the fast and slow factors, the factors that ensure product quality during transportation are very important. Therefore, the use of moisture-proof packages is the simplest and most effective method, ensuring both low-cost products.

Moisture-proof packages help preserve products longer

All hygroscopic particles are packed into moisture-proof packages. It has components of desiccant made from: clay, silica gel, calcium clua powder. Therefore, it has good moisture resistance and is very effective for The products that depend on the length of the trip, the time it takes to preserve the product to choose the appropriate moisture-proof package with the best cost.
Moisture-proof package has a variety of models, types, colors and sizes for many choices of many users and suitable for each type of goods. If the export goods are close and packed in a standard package, use dehumidifiers made from clay absorbing granules, silica gel; If the goods are sensitive to moisture, you should use silica gel, hygroscopic powder. And if the goods go far away, store containers, save the yard for a long time, the package of moisture-proof hanging powder or hygroscopic bag is more appropriate choice for you.
In the article "How to choose moisture-proof package with products to be preserved" we have introduced you to read many different types of moisture-resistant seeds in the market, you can read more and refer to the article above.
Especially for food, or agricultural products or cereals are products that can quickly deteriorate and mold will make the food change, creating afatoxin is the leading substance causing cancer for humans. . Therefore, preserving products from industry to food is essential and needs to be done right after they are produced until they reach consumers.
All products are rated for quality not at the time of production or at the time of quality testing, but must maintain a certain quality standard throughout the production period. products until use. Therefore, we see that each product produced must have the parameters of production time and expiry date. If the product is well preserved, it can even be used even after the expiry date but still ensures the desired quality, otherwise the product may be of no use or will be broken immediately. even when the shelf life is still available, most of this depends on the condition and method of product preservation. Therefore, moisture-proof package will be the perfect choice for preserving products today.

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