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Moisture absorption package and some things to note

The moisture-absorbing package is packaged in small, light-weight packages. It is like a tea bag filter bag, used for food preservation, home appliances, electronics, industrial products, hygienic package also have names Other such as: moisture-proof pack, moisture-proof bag, hygienic bag ...
Inside the package is the desiccant particles, now there are many types of desiccant particles in both color and size, usually when the package to absorb moisture away we see inside there are round white particles opaque, field The hygroscopic particles inside the wet desiccant package are wet when the desiccant is filled with water.

Moisture absorption can not eat

We often see on the package of moisture-absorbing packets labeled "Not to eat", so the desiccant is toxic?
In essence, the desiccant is not toxic, it is made up of inorganic substances with high steam absorption, with tiny pores to hold water in it. Has a role of sucking water around to dry air, prevent moisture from wetting food, electronics, microchips, etc.
With the characteristics of hygroscopic or more accurate absorption of moisture is high, moisture absorption package is not edible, if the child is eating the dehumidifier, the desiccant will absorb water in the gastric, intestinal, Even in the capillaries, the body loses water, with the rapid absorption and absorption of moisture from the dehumidifier, which puts the body in danger. Keep in mind, however, and remember that every time you pack a baby candy, carefully look for the hygienic package inside it if you have it and leave it, avoiding letting your child mistakenly think that the dampness is candy and eating right.

The weight of the package is moisture proof

With high humidity absorption of moisture desiccant and small density, the moisture pack is usually only packed into small packages: 1Gr, 1.1Gr ... 2Gr, 2.5Gr ... etc. In addition to normal weight packages, we receive moisture-proof packages that meet the needs of our customers. Please call us at the above hotline for advice and service.
On the market today there are many types of desiccant of low quality, or not desiccant, or still very humid, but the reason is mainly moisture packets made from poor quality desiccant that makes Consumers have to worry.
What is a high-quality moisturizer and what are the signs?

What is high-moisture suction?

The high quality moisture absorption package is the product that offers the best value and performance to the product and is capable of absorbing the highest moisture possible. With the highest level of hygroscopic moisture absorption, when you rinse the moisture-proof pack, you will feel as soon as you hold the desiccant inside, with excellent moisture absorption, heat and adhesion, provides the fastest dry environment with a moisture absorption> 40% of its weight.
So is there a way to identify high-moisture moisture content?

Signs of a high quality desiccant package

To identify the quality desiccant package we should choose in such ways as: feel, grip, and test with water.
First: Sensory perception (observation)
- High quality moisture-absorbing packets will be packaged in a high-vacuum, high-quality packaging. The products will be packed in beautiful carton, indicating the place of production, address and weight. PP bag with 2 layers of Pe inside to help preserve the product is best, easy transport.
- Moisture-proof package must be removed when the internal hygroscopic particles, not broken, bright in, less dust.
Second: Identify in a "grip"
When we hold the moisture in the hand, we can feel the heat from the water absorption of the dehumidifiers inside, because they absorb water very quickly, so that the surrounding environment is dry immediately. And that makes us feel warm, hot when we hold it in our hands.
Third: Identify by "test with water"
In this way we take a glass, peel and pour the desiccant inside the package, then we pour a little water into it and observe: high quality desiccant particles are watery There will be explosion but the explosion and explosion is split into 2-4 parts, desiccant dehumidifier will not explode due to suction enough or no ability to absorb water, or explosive force create Many small debris due to molecular structure is not durable, so this type of water absorbs water but due to the production of poor quality material, the desiccant particles are broken up into several small pieces, which will lead to poor hygroscopic package. quality.
The high or low quality of the desiccant package depends primarily on the quality of the desiccant. Therefore, the moisture-proof package is good quality desiccant particles, the product is of course good quality.
With this article, we hope to contribute to solving the questions of consumers and share with you the signs to be able to know what the product desiccation quality.

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